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Eridge 10, 2016

Eridge 10, 2016 “Have you been?” Well, quite frankly. Yes,you don’t want to know. Again,tut,tut,tut, this really was so long,long ago. Recalcitrant,racing renditions,round and round the……..Oh, come on you would’nt dare trot that one out….or would you?  Clearly always a wonderful day, no,  week-end away to The Garden of England that is Kent for the

Moffat Festival of Running, 10ml.

Moffat Festival of Running, 10 ml. “Many’s  the time I’ve been mistaken and many times confused and I’ve often felt…….” We really must apologise for the very,very late running of this service. We are so, so, incontrovertibly ? sorry. No,no don’t think you’ve caught the essence there Mister. Think The Python Gig, Drury Lane circa

Kinnoull Hill Race

   Kinnoull Hill Race, 2016 “Come along now”,  they all said……more later perhaps? Well the drive up to Perth was punctuated, if not entirely dominated by the dark clouds and precipitation. Yes it was chucking it down. So, it will be completely dry for the Race?  If not familiar with Kinnoull – it is more

The Anniversary Waltz,2016, Stair,Cumbria

Anniversary Waltz,2016, Stair,Cumbria. “There’s a lady whose sure all that…. Oh,come on, it does start at Stair – to – not sure it was going there…. Well in old money they put it at 11.5mls. 3,600ft.  That would be a great run out, or was it? Steven & I had booked for the privilege back

The Southside Six, 2016

The Southside Six, 2016 Here we are again on the Southside and don’t we just love it? This year we had nine runners and three socialisers/supporters who joined us at the Clockwork  Brewery. The nine were…….no ,that would be too easy, let’s invite each runner and supporter to give, comment, on why this was the

Parkrun #357

Christmas  Parkrun #357 Ah, just back.What? Yes, just back from the Parkrun. I tell you, that traffic.  Well, not an entire complement of Westies there……eh, now is that two reports in two days with…….? Neil, Elizabeth, Graham(K) and this reporter stepped out on a dank,dark, chilly morn. (If you were there  and we missed you

An Sgurr & Ben Tighe, Eigg

  An Sgurr  & Ben Tighe? Eigg My brother & I used to attempt a famous Kirk Douglas quote “From the bottom of my stomach”,uttered with real  feeling……Michael (D’s) from Wall Street was “Money never sleeps”.  And so it came to pass that Struthers & Semple were certainly sleep deprived yesterday, but were rewarded with

Eridge 10, Tunbridge Wells

Eridge 10, Tunbridge Wells, 2015 If you have missed the previous missives from Eridge (why?),Eridge is organised by Tunbridge Wells Harriers set in an historic deer park near Tunbridge Wells,Kent.  Billed as run on ancient woodland on country estate former carriageways, with three beautiful lakes,a Saxon hill fort topped with a Victorian folly and natural

Southern Sojourn to the Lakes

Southern Sojourn to the Lakes “Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU?” Well – you  could not get a better start for any song let alone any….. Now that we are all feeling warm and anticipating a good………report? Steven had a few ideas for the Lakes and this is merely one. The drive

Contouring Beinn Dorain

Contouring Beinn Dorain Auch,auch,auch,auchweel,auch aye the nou,……………………tell you what this Auch Estate it’s catching you know.Just a little outing to test out after tweaking a calf muscle on the downhill reps. on Monday.(This was after a reportedly spectacular fall after yer man Steven was trying to edge it past.With all arms and legs flailing trying