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Recipe for a perfect XC race (West Districts XC report)

Ingredients: Rain in the days leading up to the race* A park, field, golf course, or beach Slopes of varying gradients* Red and white tape marking the course Marshals willing to wear multiple layers & stand in the cold Rain and wind on the day of the event* Shorts, a vest, and shoes with grip

West District XC

I have belatedly realised that I do not have a recent entry for the race report of the year prize at tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. So in a vain attempt to curry favour with the judges, I’ve written a race report for tomorrows XC race. Please fill in the blacks as you see fit depending on

Loch Ossian 2019

The first Loch Ossian trip took place in 1990, in celebration of the birth of a future leader of Westies just across the border in Carlisle a few months prior. It was attended by a number of Westies who ran a number of different routes and ate a variety of things from the major food

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