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West District XC Relays 2019

Dear Mr Callender, Herr Quinn has forwarded your useless report from Kilmarnock to the Race Report desk for my examination and/or reply. Unfortunately, we have no Ludicrous Gibberish desk, or it would have ended up there. What kind of lame, half-mad bullsh*t are you trying to sneak over on us? When Westerlands asks for a

Conquering the Pentlands

After successfully completing Manor Water the day before (I might have mentioned to the odd Westie I was doing the Man or mouse) , Rob and I piloted my chariot in the direction of Hillend. It was great to see Plenty of other Westies in Attendance with some of the younger team having done battle

Two Breweries 2019

The week I joined the Westies, Gregor sent out a link to these nice prints. Can’t have a print unless you’ve run the race so my well-laid, best-made plan was to run Arrochar as my Scottish Champs long counter and then see out 2019 running the odd short race and watching faster, fitter Westie Women

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