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9:15 am Sunday Run
Sunday Run
Apr 5 @ 9:15 am – 12:00 pm
December Sunday Run 9:15am start from Mugdock visitor centre for a trail run around Mugdock.  What better way to start the day/month/Run every day in December challenge/festivities?  We might even muster up some mince pies
6:30 pm Monday Hill Reps @ Cleveden Road/Cleveden Drive
Monday Hill Reps @ Cleveden Road/Cleveden Drive
Apr 6 @ 6:30 pm
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High Cup Nick

I signed up for this race in a fit of hill-racing enthusiasm during what is now known as the “pre-Carnethy-5-in-2020” era and was full of regret and nerves on the journey there. I needn’t have worried. Mum got us off to a great start, taking an outstanding line through the gate and navigating the oozing

A handicapping analysis

Introduction According to Wikipedia, a handicap race is “a race in which horses carry different weights, allocated by the handicapper”. On March 4th 2020 18 Westies ran the In The Dark Handicap from the Kilpatrick gasworks (55.927112, -4.449228) to The Slacks (55.945192, -4.455503). The course was 5.6km in length. Audrey’s train was delayed so she

Crevasse Bars

Crevasse Bars After the Westies weekend in the Lakes a couple of people asked me about the Crevasse Bars I made. They are my attempt to save a couple of quid and improve upon commercially available bars. How they compare to energy bars, gels and the like at delivering carbohydrate intake per hour remains untested

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