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  1. Red Moss Kips

    20 June @ 7:00 pm
  2. Earls Seat

    20 June @ 7:00 pm
  3. Monday Reps

    25 June @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Fastest Westies

A summary of the fastest Westies, compiled by John Donnelly

Pentland Skyline
Mark Rigby 1989 2hr 26min 40sec
Helene Diamantides 1997 2hr 54min 22 sec
Christine Menhennet 1989 4hr 16m 15s
Sam Alexander 2016 3hr 35m 3s
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Achievements by Westie Members

Manny Gorman

Westies wouldn’t be Westies without Manny Gorman. In April 2009 Manny set out on a continuous, unmotorised journey around the 219 Corbetts – Scottish mountains between 2500-3000 feet high – covering a staggering 2600 miles & 420,000 feet of ascent, by foot, cycle and yachet, in a record 70 days. To-date Manny still holds this record.

Contact Manny for book details.

Christine Menhennet

Has won SHR Championships in all age categories from senior to V60. Christine continues to run. This no mean feat and shows the calibre of Christine’s running over the years.

Hopefully Christine will release a book…

Charlie Campbell

In the summer of 2000 Charlie Campbell broke the record for a continuous self-propelled round of all the Munros, at the time Scotland’s 284 mountains over 3000 feet in height.

Charlies’ book is available here