Kinnoull Hill Race, 2016

“Come along now”,  they all said……more later perhaps?

Well the drive up to Perth was punctuated, if not entirely dominated by the dark clouds

and precipitation. Yes it was chucking it down. So, it will be completely dry for the Race?

 If not familiar with Kinnoull – it is more of a trail race with testing hills thrown in. Also,

the closing stages with grassy/muddy banks require hill shoes if they have had it wet.

And so it was on the evening in question – a veritable surfeit of the stuff. Makes it interesting.

 To the start line and the several hundred had advanced……”Get back there……I said get

….”Shuffling back and on to the pavement to see Jonathan (Brian’s taxi driver usually )  

……and they’re off……Yes,it was only Steven,Brian and your scribe that ventured out for

this one. WHY? Do tell.

 The three of us were exchanging the pace for a good part of the race(plus would you

“Adam &…….it” Brian had been racing the previous night? That boy just can’t get enough

of it). Ever had that slightly sinking feeling when one shoe just does not feel right?

It’s slipping and sliding and you glance down…, the laces are still tied, but what’s this

the entire sole has separated from the upper and it’s…….well they are in the bin.

 Eh, they are the More Miles Cheviot that have been advocating. Well can’t complain – must

have had them at least two years.

 And about the weather……you ask? …..yes by about 8 o’clock as predicted the sun came out

and it was a fine,fine evening with a bit of a spread laid on for the masses.



1.       L.Rees      Fife AC    24.38

2.       E. Mooney  Ochil HR   29.19

The only others you want to see

S.Gilligan      37.08

H.Semple      37.29

B.Brennan     37.38


Again, a great little race to do, highly recommended.

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