Eridge 10, 2016

“Have you been?” Well, quite frankly. Yes,you don’t want to know. Again,tut,tut,tut, this really was so long,long ago. Recalcitrant,racing renditions,round and round the……..Oh, come on you would’nt dare trot that one out….or would you?

 Clearly always a wonderful day, no,  week-end away to The Garden of England that is Kent for the tough,tough, 10 mile cross country that may just have gleaned across these pages before.

  Always well supported with Tunbridge Wells Harriers at the helm and many seriously boggy patches to slow you down if not come to an absolute stop in knee high mud.(I hope it was mud?). Getting hot,hot,hot after first mile and those hills are killers . Ground seemed to be far more rutted this year…..woman behind”Ah,oh, ah, this is a nightmare”. Hang in there, it won’t last for ever – that’s what you think.

  Will not repeat all the gory details again. Of course the beer was as good as ever….relaxing in the sun. Anywhere near T.W. first Sunday in September……..what? Give it a try – you will love it.

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