Southern Sojourn to the Lakes

“Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU?” Well – you  could not get a better start for any song let alone any….. Now that we are all feeling warm and anticipating a good………report?

Steven had a few ideas for the Lakes and this is merely one. The drive to Keswick, bus to Honister Pass, run back over the hills. That is Dale Head, Hindsgarth,Robinson,Low Snab, Little Town, shoulder of High Crags, Cat Bells, Portinscale, Keswick.  Stats. If you like these things are 11.9 mls. 3,203ft.

Weather at approx.. 7.00a.m was not entirely auspicious – that is, dull, grey, Glasgow with threatening cloud cover. We merely scoffed at this, even as the wet stuff poured down on the journey to Keswick,it could’nt  last – could it? Yes, it could. Like any of us that have been there, we know  it’s not billed as the” wettest area in England” without good reason. We made good time to Keswick,in fact so good that we sat back with coffee and chocolate, after getting rid of loose change( well you can’t run with all that……..Muffy taught us that on The Minicaig Pass – buying her train ticket “can you give me pound notes not coins in the change?”Who could complain at that?).Plus, chatting to the locals in the bus queue with a wonderful Siberian husky. Such a contented and placid animal…….. until it bit Steven’s arm off.No, no, it was only playing with you. Once on the bus you are glad you are not walking up this steep gradient to Borrowdale, Seatoller, and to the slate mine at Honister Pass. Not just steep, but narrow B road with a very competent bus  driver, but sadly not the same proficiency displayed by the drivers heading towards us. Chap behind us practically apoplectic  with rage when the oncoming cars were going exactly where……..the bus was stopped, dry stone walls on either side, was the car going to go on two wheels through the miniscule gap. “Bloody idiot – just stop”, plus other quite distasteful  remarks  that clearly have no place in this report.    At last we were ready to run. Yes, getting off at Honister,  there was to be no Via Ferrata-ing, no Go-Ape-ing, no Mountain Biking.No shilly-shalling.(“There will be no hooliganism, no bevying ,no……..”Oh you had to be on the Clyde circa 1970’s). Just a tad blowey, that is, blowing us backwards. So it proved to be for much of the day, a strong,one of the strongest  I’ve felt here, and thankfully mainly on our backs. After  the drive, hanging around, then bus, finally a steep ascent up Dale Head it was head down and get going. This is precicely what we did, Steven bounding ahead – a man possessed – or was it coffee and chocolate infused?     A day of, after the initial climb, vast,comprehensive, views over the hills and lakes. Just stunning vistas. We were agreed on the day- one  of the best days in the hills this week –no, that is ,this  year.  Marvellous.                                                                                                                         We were to have another Lakes trip and JD joined Steven & I for this one, again to Keswick, but no, we decided to stop short at Threlkeld to leave the car for a quick escape after  the run, long run in to Skiddaw, Great calva, on to Blencathra and back. Clearly, altogether a different proposition. Yes, “a different proposition”. Tell you what………I’ll get me coat.                           

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