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Corrour,by Loch Trieg, Easains,Fersit,Tulloch

  Another Struthers Spectacular. What more do you need to know. Precisely. Well, talk about a long day? It was up before 5.00 for a 6.15 from a very damp and chilly Hyndland morning, with both Ian and I saying here’s another fine mess you got me into, or Who’s idea was this anyway? Yes,

Run of the Mill

“Apparently a lady phoned the BBC to warn that a Hurricane was on its way……don’t worry there isn’t” Ah yes, we remember it well…….1987 watching the tree bend,bend, then crash onto the hedge. (This at the student house we shared). ‘Course old Michael Fish above was merely reading the report from the Weather Centre,  but

Parkrun # 232

Parkrun # 232 Oi! What’s this then……..Where’s yer Ben Rinnes now then Mister. Ah, well you see there was this….. Who could resist the sheer delight of entering The Games Field at Dufftown with yer Man, the Master of Ceremonies(MC),now sadly retired, regaling the assembled masses. To add…….ad invinitum and, hopefully, not ad nauseum, so

Half Ben, 2013

The Half Ben, 2013         Westies winning warm ways west Well done Phil. Now for Muirfield. That lad’s got the wrong sport again. Dear oh dear. Steady boy, steady – on strict instructions with this here report. Right so we’ll ignore that completely and carry on regardless. Travelled up with Gaynor and Ros, for this half,which

Dollar Hill Race, 6.7.13

Dollar Hill Race, 6.7.13 Well thank the Lord that’s over. The Gladiators doing battle in the intense heat . It was brutal, bru-al, as Bren would say.Yes, and it was 40 degrees on the court. Ah, yes, it was that battle.Were you there every shot of that match? Was that you behind wee ‘eck in

Eildons Hill Race

Eildons Hill Race, 22.6.13 Well, just back from seeing those cyclists power past Gibson St. Univ. Ave. Byres Rd. with Elizabeth doing her official duties Marshalling. Clearly nothing was allowed to blemish the cyclists route – a stray purple balloon had torn itself away from the grasp of a 1 year old. Elizabeth was on

Helensburgh Games Race,1.6.13

 Well,how on earth could we omit this one? Was’nt like this in my day. I did’nt get where i am today with……………….So it was June – just – and it was warm and sunny, then 2 seconds later it was freezing with cold heavy showers coming in. Yes, just another day in the west of

Traprain Law, 8.6.13

 Some races you do…………and some you do, shall we say, more than once. Off to the East, no beyond the East, the Far East for East Linton’s Gala Day. If not familiar, on the way to Dunbar.Could not resist the challenge before gong up to Murrayshall, (but that’s another story). Largest field ever for this

Balfron 10K

Balfron 10K, 28.4.13 As Sam Torrance said,(if you’re interrupting again saying That boy’s got the wrong  sport……..just,just, bear with me)…….”That putt on the final green was looking so good, until he hit it”. Well there we were – the throng, jiggling around on a fine soft morning. Yes, looking so fit,as fit as the proverbial

Glasgow Parkrun # 213 16.3.13

An intrepid trio met up to do battle here, or something . John Q, Gaynor and myself. John, just out to get even more points that are quite unnecessary  in his unassailable  position in the Winter League. Just grinding our faces in the dirt,would’nt  you say? An “Unforgivin” , shall we say………you remember William Munny……….”a