Contouring Beinn Dorain

Auch,auch,auch,auchweel,auch aye the nou,……………………tell you what this Auch Estate it’s catching you know.Just a little outing to test out after tweaking a calf muscle on the downhill reps. on Monday.(This was after a reportedly spectacular fall after yer man Steven was trying to edge it past.With all arms and legs flailing trying to hold it together, probably nearly took him out as well. Finished reps. then could hardly walk later on that night.Good dose of hydrotherapy and the old Arnica cream and nearly brand new next day).

Starting out from Bridge of Orchy station,nothing could go wrong,right?Very boggy section right at the start and……….mind that Semitendinosus,or Semimembranosus,or aBiceps- a Biceps Femoris that is – it’s a Hamstring for goodness sake.It’s a tweak, but can still move,what next ……..stop reading this pile of……..Did I mention the weather,Doris?

Well, had to have a snack before this little sojourn and to let the rain ease. It’s mid-July for goodness sake, 42 degrees on court last week. We had now gone back to March temperatures. Did’nt sign up for this – what’s going on – he demanded.Huh, you can demand all you like pal…….this is Scotland and another thing………

Easing up to the col now and it is more than a little atmospheric with the low cloud, mist starting to surround you, raining more heavily now and not a soul in sight,in another world …….and what’s this – a couple of walkers. An old boy with, he tells me , his Fillipino wife,walking with a stick over this very rocky path.It’s her first walk, hill-walk, and she does not look happy with it at all. He tells me Fillipinos do not walk anywhere .Well done, i say as they are off back to the Hotel for some soup.(Probably said to myself later on should have done the same).     Thought  there might have been a chance that the sun would come out, but not today Mister. Had to be content with the vision from the lower slopes which was still Auchingly good ………dear oh dear, I’ll get me coat.  Did see the couple at the Hotel,he a very experienced walker –long distance worldwide, she,Mrs. Fillipino looking remarkedly happy after her Broccoli and Cheese Soup.I tell you, you could’nt make it up………                                   

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