Earth League

Aim: Increase awareness of ways in which we as runners can be more mindful of our impact on nature and the environment as we are such frequent users of the outdoors and care about preserving the beauty of the outdoor spaces we use so much. Small changes carried out by lots of people can lead to bigger differences. And who doesn’t love a little competition!

Background: Hill running is an increasingly popular sport which can have a high impact on the environment both directly and indirectly. Transport and consumption of materials for clothing, shoes and electronic devices like watches and GPS devices are some of the primary sources of carbon emissions linked with hill running. There are also issues around footpath erosion, wildlife disturbance and littering.

Rules: Points are submitted via the Westerlands CCC website on the Earth League page. You can submit points for any race or club run attended as well as for other “earthly actions” you may have done. Let’s share these so we can all learn and inspire each other to make small changes!

Other Points
“Notable earthly actions for consideration” will be awarded at Ella’s discretion.