Parkrun #357

Christmas  Parkrun #357

Ah, just back.What? Yes, just back from the Parkrun. I tell you, that traffic.

 Well, not an entire complement of Westies there……eh, now is that two reports in two days with…….?

Neil, Elizabeth, Graham(K) and this reporter stepped out on a dank,dark, chilly morn. (If you were there  and we missed you – you were going too damn fast ).

This was the familiar Pollok run, so you know it well. Or do you? This was Plan B course due to flooding. Yes, bear left,right up hill, then along and down. NOT a left turn, right for 50 metres then left up the hill and left,etc,etc.

So Graham and I were swopping places – well he was clearly just toying with me in those ruddy flip-flops that he’s keen on (pleading poverty,allegedly).  He was just in front on this new Plan B hill when:  “ Aye get going up that ruddy hill”. Who knows who the culprit was who deemed to break everyone’s stern concentration in such a serious race – sorry Time Trial. Just woe betide.

 As the first lap blurred into the second had the heavy breather bearing down, but he could’nt quite make it, well did have to get a move on (Christmas lunch,drinks etc. taxi waiting – yes  blowing it’s horn). Thing about the heavy breather, you almost have to join in to blot it out – if that makes any sense. In short, he keep coming, but was not getting by. Not today.

 Here are our results – not that you will be glued to the screen.

Neil Adams                            20.49

Hamilton Semple                 23.43

Elizabeth Adams                  24.03

Graham Kelly                        24.17

  Just to add, do not forget about John Hutch’s  Excellent Run (10K) (If not on it……..

(Clober Rd., Reservoirs, drop down to Virgin Active, Path alongside golf fairway,Dougalston Woods,Right down path, Left turn onto pavement on road to roundabout. Right turm, turn right onto  towpath at Tickled Trout. Along by Rangers Training Ground.Over road at end and turn right and back to Clober road).

  ‘Course was it really today running  along the towpath, before the R. Training Ground there is the Golf Course on your left, Semple  naturally waited hands on hips to allow the trio of golfers to tee off. First guy had teed off, waited for the second , seemed to be a reasonable drive, third guy tees off, and crashes it into the trees. Now, as if from the heavens, and clearly in a song, came a booming, strident : “Aye that’ll learn you –“You scumbag, you maggot,you cheap, lousey faggot”.

  Runners have been warned not to try this so-called lark at home. The culprit/assailant (they are calling this assault now) was reportedly seen running away at a terrific speed. The latest witness has described a fair-haired ageing man, in gold and black running kit, with a SMIRKING,quite grotesque  expression .  Local Police are treating this heinous crime with the utmost  priority . All sightings should be reported immediately to Milngavie Constabulary.

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