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Eildon 2 Hill Race

Saturday summer sunshine saw Semple speed supremely,stridently,showing studs,streaking superlatively into an early leading Westie and held that position to the end.You don’t believe it? Well, it is tempting to go on for several paragraphs,being ever so slightly economical with the truth. Yes, the sole Westie at Greenyards. Or, if you were there,and missed you in

Milland Valley Trail Race, 3.8.08 14 miles

Archivists and/or aficionados of these pages may recall an attempt at this race in deepest rural West Sussex/Hampshire border 3 years ago. An attempt is about right and this was worse. What’s going on you may cry? Noted for it’s bright yellow sign warning participants of………………….. DANGER STEEP SLOPE AHEAD Naturally you just had to

Ben Rinnes 5 Tops

Always great to travel up to Dufftown for this fine race.Worth it alone as we say for the M.C. of the Highland Games alone. He was very good, perhaps the substitute,as yer man usually inflates the prowess of the hill runners to an inordinate degree,and indeed keeps going in the same vein. Mus’nt complain. So,what