Westerlands CCC Committee 2017/18

Our Committee meetings will be held on the following dates:

→ April 26th
→ July 26th
→ October 11th

The AGM will be held on the 25th October.


Ian Thurlbeck

Second year in his post.


Helen MacPherson

Helen has been organising the clubs’ accounts since 2009.


Jamie Provan

Jamie has looked after the website since 2012

Event Secretary

Sharon Taylor

Sharon has been a long standing member of Westerlands.


Niall McAlinden

Niall has been a long standing member.

Ladies Captain

Leyre Flores

Leyre has been a long standing member of Westies.

XC Captain

John Quinn

Mr Winter League champion organises the XC races.


Sharon Taylor

Sharon cordinates with DAAA.

Ordinary Members


James Callender, John Donnelly, Pat McLaughlin, Christine Menhennet, Aron Price, Gregor Stewart, Chris Upson, Ally MacInnes, Alistair Boyer, Maya Bei, Roddy Cunningham.