We organise numerous handicap races throughout the year:


Venue: Kilpatricks
Distance: 3km
Date: Traditionally held the first Wednesday in March

Calderglen Handicap

Venue: Calderglen Country Park, East Kilbride
Distance: approx 6 miles
Date: August/September

Christmas Handicap

Venue: Carbeth, Mugdock Country Park
Distance: approx 6 miles
Date: Between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Simon Trigger Handicap

Venue: Blanefield Monument
Distance: 8 km
Climb: 350 m
Date: Last Wednesday in May
Winners: Alastair Graves (2012), John Hamer (2011), Paula Cowan (2010), Pauline McAdam (2009).

First run in 2006, this route starts at the Blanefield war memorial and heads out to the prominent volcanic plug of Dumgoyne, and back the same way. Since 2009, the race has a trophy awarded to the handicap winner in memory of Simon Triger. Simon was one of the biggest enthusiasts for club handiap races, and ran at the first 3 Dumgoyne handicaps from 2006 to 2008, but Simon sadly passed away on Mont Blanc on 10th September 2008.

Defunct Handicaps

The following handicap races are now defunct owing to various erosion or structural issues.

In The Dark Handicap

Venue: Clachan of Campsie
Distance: 6 km
Climb: 190 m

This short sharp handicap race was apparently first run as far back as 1987.

The race starts in the square at Clachan of Campsie and climbs a walker-friendly path to cross Crow Road just below the Cort-ma Law car park. After crossing the road, continue up hill to a small brick shelter, before turning down rough bracken to hit the Crow Road again, and a long section of downhill tarmac to Lennoxtown. Keeping turning right and you should soon be back in Clachan of Campsie.


Venue: Chatelherault Country Park, near Hamilton
Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 150m

First run in 2006 and last run in 2012, this route followed a figure-8 course through the wooded gorge of the Avon Water, by crossing the White Bridge halfway along the gorge, then the Green Bridge at the far end, then the White Bridge again, and finally the Duke’s Bridge to return back to the start. Erosion and bridge structure issues at the White Bridge led to the abandonment of this route.

Narnain Boulderdash

Venue: The Cobbler car park at Arrochar
Distance: 6.5 km
Climb: 470 m

First run in 2006 and last run in 2012, this route took the steep zig-zag track for The Cobbler, turning at the huge Narnain Boulders. Path erosion and growth of vegetation led to the abandonment of this route.

Croftamie Handicap


Distance: 12.5 km
Climb: 90 m

The Croftamie Handicap was the last of the summer handicaps, traditionally held on the last Wednesday in August.

The route started at the Killearn junction off the main road to Drymen (A809 / B834 intersection), and followed undulating farm tracks and quiet country roads. The course basically followed a clockwise loop towards the finish at Croftamie village. Road safety issues on the way back to the start (sometimes in the dark) and the removal of a bridge by flooding caused the route to be abandoned after 2012.