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Eildons 3 Hill Race,2015

Eildons  3 Hill Race,2015 Oh Greenyards,Oh Greenyards,how green is thy grass. Blimey,what now? It’s not a poetry competition,you know. You may just have a point. Steven & I took an early start for the journey to Melrose(makes a change from the days when I arrived as the race had already started)for this splendid,tough little encounter.

Parkrun # 326

  Parkrun  # 326 Members may well be checking for the REAL  report of the week-end …….only to get, What the……. Had neglected the parkrun of late, so time for a quick little tester. Saw Ellie on our warm-up and Chris on the second lap taking care of the kids. Hope you had a good

Goat Fell,2015

Goat Fell, 2015 Breathe very deeply now as we came off the ferry and so,so, glad to be back on Arran again.That towering granite presence that was to continually appear and disappear throughout  the week-end, the golf course, the castle,and, your starter for ten, on Arran you have Scotland in………… Well it still was not

Western Tops of Arran

  Oi, Oi, Oi, Quel eh a reportage Mister? She, he, they scream. What? Ah, not into the season proper where a veritable plethora of reports will be winging there way onto these pages. Ah well, that’s it then. Or……………..if you like, here is one that was prepared earlier – not to say – last

Jack Crawford 10K., 7.3.15

Jack Crawford 10K., 7.3.15 “Well that’ll learn ya”. Let’s come back to that,shall we. A fine sunny,clear and blue sky – what a day it was going to be? Then we woke up and it was thrashing it down,with the wind being,shall we say, challenging on exposed parts.But we love it,don’t we? Well we say

A Round on Rannoch Moor

  A Round on Rannoch Moor What a stunner………………..and the weather was excellent too. It was up to the White Corries car park to give a gentle stroll down to the start, NE of the Kings House. Our chosen route today was Beinn a’ Chrulaiste, round to Meall Bhalach, and on to Meall nan Ruadhag.

Dumyat Dash

  Well it was the depleted route,(allegedly not enough marshals) that went from was it 8.8k, 550m, to 4.8k, 44om. Dumyat,Dumyat,as we trod never so lonely on high…….i love you,i hate you,i love you, i hate you……..oh please,please……… Alan, George,Jo(welcome back) and some scribe or another did battle today on an absolute belter of a

Scottish Athletics National Masters C.C.C.,Hawick 1.2.14

  National Masters C.C.C., Hawick,1.2.14 You’ve gotta say……”It’s not fair”.What?  Oh, just to be contentious from the start. You will have seen the results, heard all the anecdotes, so that’s it then, I’m off. Get back here and relate a true and accurate, reasoned account of the day. Well, that ain’t going to happen. Suffice

It’s Tinto,but not as we know it Jim

  Yet more Struthers & Semple Show – this pair get everywhere: North, South, West,even East, and even Lake District please note.   On Tinto path for at least 20 paces and Ian(if you don’t know Ian…..you’re on a major path and “I was thinking of this other route here”…….that is 90 degrees off.) And

Corrour,by Loch Trieg, Easains,Fersit,Tulloch

  Another Struthers Spectacular. What more do you need to know. Precisely. Well, talk about a long day? It was up before 5.00 for a 6.15 from a very damp and chilly Hyndland morning, with both Ian and I saying here’s another fine mess you got me into, or Who’s idea was this anyway? Yes,