It can be daunting to join a new club or group so to make this as easy as possible for new members the buddy system is a way to help make the journey into the Westies more accessible.

If you want to be paired with a buddy you should indicate this by replying to your welcome email. You will be asked to share some details about your running e.g. 5k time and previous experience, this will help us pair you with an appropriate buddy. You can also indicate if you have any other questions or requests that might make joining the club easier for you.

We will share your contact details with our volunteer buddy’s and they will then make contact with you to introduce themselves. Normally a plan can be made between you both to attend the same training/social run so that you have a friendly face waiting to meet you at your first run.

Your buddy is also there to introduce you to the group and share with you useful things to know about the club, including up coming races, group socials, and all things Westies!

You will be asked whether you’d like a buddy upon joining Westies, or you can request one in the ‘enquiry’ box to help you get started.