Moffat Festival of Running, 10 ml.

“Many’s  the time I’ve been mistaken and many times confused and I’ve often felt…….”

We really must apologise for the very,very late running of this service. We are so, so, incontrovertibly ? sorry. No,no don’t think you’ve caught the essence there Mister. Think The Python Gig, Drury Lane circa ’74? – for an altogether more descriptive term – strong language, so they say. Customers are reminded to always use the Hand-rail when descending the stairs. “A Hand –rail? (clearly no Westerlands member has ever used a Hand –rail). Yes, yes, Lady B. we shall let you get back to your Other Act.

 Well, if you are still there……… early finish – for us – at  work in Moffat (doing a spot of work down there. No, a lot actually) to be plunged into the Moffat 10. It could easily be 10 years since having rolled up for this jolly little gathering on a summer’s evening. Yes, it was a warm, sunny night for the road/trail/hill race. Starting from the square along tarmac, on to trail – farmtrack/hill, then back down the 701 to the town. About  4 and a half miles downhill. So that’s fine. No, it’s tarmac and it’s a killer. Ended up on The Osteopath’s plinth for several treatments – Oh, really? That back again.

If you like a good dose of road with what is essentially a trail not a hill race, this is for you. Great support from the locals in the fine town of Moffat.

Have to say, have had a few excellent sojourns up The Grey Mair’s Tail and Loch Skeen Horseshoe. Just stunning. Highly recommended.

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