The Southside Six, 2016

Here we are again on the Southside and don’t we just love it? This year we had nine runners and three socialisers/supporters who joined us at the Clockwork  Brewery. The nine were…….no ,that would be too easy, let’s invite each runner and supporter to give, comment, on why this was the best day of their life……..this year. If not, why not.

 There we were waiting for Yer Man, when it all went quiet, oh so quiet,shhhhh. O.K. it started to snow. Before you knew it, he arrived and we were off on the bus to Queen’s Park. Tell you – the chatter was so intense we nearly missed our stop. No, we were off and nearly running to the Flag Pole.Meeting  up, few photos. and off to leave the bags at the Brewery. First halfs ordered (positively restrained you see – felt like breakfast time, while a few regulars supped their pints). So we began and light showers of the white stuff would permeate our running , cooling us on the way round if that was necessary. Mind you we did have two gentlemen attired in shorts and a shortage of layering on the top half. Goodness sake – must have internal boilers going on there. “ Don’t look Ethal”, but it was too late.

  Great running, bantering away, through all the parks and punctuated  by the odd half pint to keep us going(eating something more than a few nuts could be a good idea) crunching on the snow and ice. Have to admit being shattered at the end, but that’s alright then. Another great success and sure Cam & Steph will be with us again. Thanks again to S for the organisation and for the PRIZES. Well done all.

Can we hear it………….

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