Well,how on earth could we omit this one? Was’nt like this in my day. I did’nt get where i am today with……………….So it was June – just – and it was warm and sunny, then 2 seconds later it was freezing with cold heavy showers coming in. Yes, just another day in the west of Scotland. The usual track events going on with the 60 m. guys just looking impossibly quick. Stick an Alva-like gradient in there and see how you like that, or not.

 Meandering round the Games’ stalls got chatting to the guy at The Ben Lomond National Park stall about footpath work, dry-stone walling(back to my BTCV days). But there’s no time for this, there’s a serious race here,this is time to concentrate and…………no,it will all be over before you can think. Three of us for this one: local boy George- did’nt sound right- George, from Helensburgh, John(Tish), and your scribe.

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