The Half Ben, 2013         Westies winning warm ways west

Well done Phil. Now for Muirfield. That lad’s got the wrong sport again. Dear oh dear. Steady boy, steady – on strict instructions with this here report. Right so we’ll ignore that completely and carry on regardless.

Travelled up with Gaynor and Ros, for this half,which for some may be a first recce for The Ben itself. Westies Gregor and Owen were doing at least two of the three races of the week-end. Gregor Melantee and the half, and Owen the half and Cow Hill. Damn good times they posted too, as you will have heard by now. (Just back after hours of a delay – they’ll be saying – “Told that lad to do the report  and where is it?” ). So , what you want me to do ……..recite something  as if this is a movie or something…….”Do you feel lucky punk? Well do you?”

We were so organised on Sunday morning that we stopped at Onich Post Office for a tea break. On the road again and good and early to have a chat with organisers and fellow westies, including: Gregor, Owen, and  George. After the Saturday Scorchio, the Sunday started decidedly cool, (it would warm up later and when we travelled back to Glasgow –getting warmer still).

Yes, did’nt take long to be warm, once running and we’re on tarmac, grit, gravel, earth, peat, mud, heather, stone, stone blocks. Just the usual fare. Or was it? Let’s leave that hanging. What an ascent – this was blooming hard work. What did you expect, you may well ask?Before some of us had even cut off for the burn, yer man Finlay was storming down again.  Then we were contouring round and this almighty shout went up in the Glen below…….yes exactly that word……”BELOW”. A large rock had been dislodged and was hurtling down toward other runners………what’s that…….narrowly missing……a GOLD and BLACK runner. It was Owen who was  near the bottom of that incline and the rock was only a few feet from him crashing down. Owen was remarkedly or impressively laconic about the whole incident at the finish.”The rock was’nt that big”………..George and I……shouted “IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOUR BLOODY HEAD OFF”. So that’s that sorted. Grassy bank a bit tricky at the start, perhaps because of the sudden descent etc. Then got going a bit and on to the main path again, on and on it goes, till that trod through the bracken/heather on the heels of Carnethy Chappy,on to the stoney path again, still on his heels, take said Carnethy Chappy, he takes me, then Lochaber Lady dances through, taking us both. Well, I never. On and on we all go, this is getting serious now – could all end in tears. Then we’re on tarmac again – the last section – well there’s a rise just after you hit the tarmac, Carnethy Chappy was in front put the foot down and sped past on the rise. Now for Lochaber Lady who had gained a good lead from the stones (how was that possible – we were not hanging about?). Put the foot down again and glided past. Thought might get heavy breathing on the lap at the end, but no, it did not materialise.

Westies won again……….Ros got the First V60 Lady. Well done Ros.

1.        Finlay Wild         52                           George      1.20                   

  1st. Female   Diane Baum   1.07            Hamilton   1.22

Gregor   1.02                                              Ros             1.26

Owen     1.04                                                  Gaynor        1.28

Thanks again to Gaynor and Ros for the company and to Gaynor for all the driving. Well done guys, impressive times.


 George                       1.20

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