Parkrun # 232

Oi! What’s this then……..Where’s yer Ben Rinnes now then Mister. Ah, well you see there was this…..

Who could resist the sheer delight of entering The Games Field at Dufftown with yer Man, the Master of Ceremonies(MC),now sadly retired, regaling the assembled masses. To add…….ad invinitum and, hopefully, not ad nauseum, so look away now if can’t bear it:

“Ladies and Gentlemen we have seen the Dancers, the Pipe Band, the tossing the caber, the tug-o-war, and now may I present to you standing before you the finely honed athletes who will compete in our Ben Rinnes Hill Race. These astounding, elite runners ( we’re looking round – who’s he on about?) will leave this arena  to race to the very pinnacle of our Ben Rinnes, they will be racing for several hours and return here………”    Ladies and Gentlemen have you any idea what these runners are putting themselves through……please put your hands together in appreciation………”  Oh, that man knew how to work a crowd.

Eh, if it can’t be Dufftown, it’ll have to be Pollok. Marvellous.

Another hot, sticky,report from the South-Side. Tough,but good. Good to see a few mates there: David and Graham. Welcome back Graham – could’nt stay away from the hills.

David Dickson     19.39

Graham Kelly      22.11

Hamilton Semple     22.20

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