An intrepid trio met up to do battle here, or something . John Q, Gaynor and myself. John, just out to get even more points that are quite unnecessary  in his unassailable  position in the Winter League. Just grinding our faces in the dirt,would’nt  you say? An “Unforgivin” , shall we say………you remember William Munny……….”a  known  thief and murderer , a man of notoriously  vicious and intemperate  disposition.” Gaynor  arriving  with  a whole  possey  of entrants looking  for  Eldorado.  Whereas,  “me and the boys are fixing to go down Abelline way  to take in “the heat”.  Look pal  this is Pollock  and you don’t get no sunshine  in Pollock.  (Only time that we sat on the grass after the race , or time trial for the pedants, was when they did the promotion  for the new Nike shoe).

J. Quinn       20.53

H. Semple    21.23

G. Gillespie  23.37


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