“Apparently a lady phoned the BBC to warn that a Hurricane was on its way……don’t worry there isn’t”

Ah yes, we remember it well…….1987 watching the tree bend,bend, then crash onto the hedge. (This at the student house we shared). ‘Course old Michael Fish above was merely reading the report from the Weather Centre,  but he will be remembered for that quote forever.

What a day in the Ochils? First thing to say – it’s usually the last in reports, but no, today it’s the Marshals, helpers, and Chris that really deserve our thanks. We may have thought conditions slightly challenging , i.e. ruddy appalling –  the marshals must have been frozen, but were  entirely welcoming and upbeat, not to say positively ecstatic ……Owen, David R. Jane – still giggling (well you can’t change that). 

So, what was it really like, out there on the hill? Well, what’s that sport again, it just eludes me, the one where they say………”Well Brian it was a game of two halves”.  So, what’s the manager going to say to the players at half time, Denis?  Well, he’ll say they have 45 minutes left to play.  Thank you for that wonderful, insightful  load of crap. After the initial climb, the steady down through the Woodland Park was a great chance to gain a few places. Later on after the climb up to A. Gannel and along to B. Cleuch, visibility right down, rain coming on harder – bit icy –that wind, eh gale, attempting  to prevent onward progress.  So you are digging in to get this job done, done and dusted, when you look up (bearing in mind that you can’t see for rain in the eyes, and the mist surrounding you)……..am I in a dream? Really. Who would come out in this you say. Then…..it’s not so bad…….can’t feel my legs now…….could be interesting going downhill, with a touch of the drunkman’s legs.  Blood to the legs, blood to the legs, get a bloody move on now.

“Apart from that everything was ….how you say…….ticketty boo?”

Gentle  reader, surely the only option post-race was viewing “A Perfect Storm”. Really we were lucky.

Speedy recovery for Manny. Hope he is feeling much better.

Chris and all helpers – well done guys- a great day out.

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