Corrour,by Loch Trieg, Easains,Fersit,Tulloch

  Another Struthers Spectacular. What more do you need to know. Precisely.

Well, talk about a long day? It was up before 5.00 for a 6.15 from a very damp and chilly Hyndland morning, with both Ian and I saying here’s another fine mess you got me into, or Who’s idea was this anyway? Yes, it was Ian’s.

The drive to Bridge of Orchy was becoming a stunning awakening to a fine, crisp, autumnal dawn. Warming sunshine showing off the countryside’s resplendent colours.This was going to be a corker.One to savour. On to the sleeper train from Euston(imagine that eh, waking up after boarding in central London and out to remote hillsides,ye canny wack it), which was slower and to be enjoyed.

Off at Corrour and round Loch Trieg, new path part of the way then presumably money ran out? Steep gorge to negotiate, if not awake yet it would be goodnight all, and up on to the  Easains. That is Stob Coire Easain and Stob a’Choire Mheadhoin: Peak of the corrie of the little waterfall and Peak of the middle corrie,respectively, if interested. We were getting wonderful all round views with the sun shining on us. What could possibly go wrong……..Eh, we lost one another. In all the humps and hollows on the first climb, well we don’t walk on each others’ heels and we……both suddenly thought that the other had fallen when too long had elapsed without sight of one another. No damage done and back on track. That is a first in all the years and before the weather came in.

Yes, the weather certainly did come in, blowing up, snow falling(already lots of snow on the hill). No, i insist Ian, let me make the foot-prints in the snow up to the calves.Full on winter conditions now, but we were both buffallowed(sp.)up. Thing is, even down from a summit, still in the snowline, lunch very much overdue, especially as breakfast was at 05.30, and there’s Ian gloves off sorting out the bearings, not concerned in the slightest. Me…..i’m doing a highland fling just trying to maintain some metabolic rate. Really it’s just the damn fingers.Should have said……..”You’re not normal Pal”. Yes from that well know film……….. Out of the Arctic conditions and a bit of a slippy descent in places, down to Fersit and along to Tulloch.

We were an hour early for the train and so just had to sing on the station platform seat. Five minutes later, or so it seemed train pulled in. Drive back from Bridge of Orchy and of course more Pub Quiz questions for the drive home.

Start 06.15

Finish 21.15

Simply Marvellous.

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