Eildons Hill Race, 22.6.13

Well, just back from seeing those cyclists power past Gibson St. Univ. Ave. Byres Rd. with Elizabeth doing her official duties Marshalling. Clearly nothing was allowed to blemish the cyclists route – a stray purple balloon had torn itself away from the grasp of a 1 year old. Elizabeth was on her case and roundly harangued the infant, leaving her in floods of tears. Come on……was  I really going to say she gave her the balloon back and no crash happened? Well, we did have “an incident” on univ. ave. at the path down from the Library – you’ve never seen a car drive down there, yes today we did, he tried to turn onto univ. ave. Sorry Sir, the race has started you cannot go forward. She repeated this at least a dozen times Paxman like. The crowd started to bay at this motorist who was deficient in his powers of common sense , not to say a ruddy idiot. Something about having to get to hospital – broken leg, couple of dislocated shoulders, nothing serious, does’nt he know there’s a race on?

Right that’s the race done then. If it was only that simple.Instead of arriving with no minutes to go until the off. In fact have been guilty of missing the race abandoning the car, throwing money at Registration Lady, who tells me not to do the lap of the field as have already given them a start.No, no,no, at least an hour and a half early so had my head and stomach turned violently by all those rides on The Fair followed by a good 6 pints.Perfect preparation for this superb little race.But hang on just a minute young Sir(as yer man Gavin from Sweatshop refers to you) we have an extra hill at The Eildons. They tell us that originally it was one hill – anyone done that one? Always two for some of us and now we go as usual up the first, down to the low path round the second, up to the third, then back round and up the second hill. So, after those 30 wooden steps , then a couple of fields to get up before the climb through the heather and best get your place right. Up the fields thought I’d acknowledge our Vice, yes our Brian was there with his Driver, Jonathon, yes he employs a Driver now, doing every hill race in the country can be such a burden. Plus, inviting Jonathon and Lisa, a fine young couple, made Brian & I break out of the hostilities just for the day……….or did we? As I say to my mind , as I dashed uphill , saying Good afternoon Gentlemen to Brian and Jonathon, got a grrrrr. Grunt, grunt, nash, nash, in return. So, that’s how it’s going to be today? Actually, let me congratulate Brian on his Graduation with First Class Honours, First that is. So, that will be Your Lordship, Sir, Your Honour. What’s that…….he’s still an old git. Now that’s not fair. Excellent Brian, well done.

So, you’ve had enough of this by now. Consensus was that 3 hills was better than the 2 hills.Thanks to Gala for a fine event, with teas and rolls, cake at the finish.

Times you need to see:

J. Weir       50.21

H. Semple   51.21

B. Brennan   53.34

L. Blackley    1.02.19


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