Goat Fell, 2015

Breathe very deeply now as we came off the ferry and so,so, glad to be back on Arran again.That towering granite presence that was to continually appear and disappear throughout  the week-end, the golf course, the castle,and, your starter for ten, on Arran you have Scotland in…………

Well it still was not May, that is the temp. was chilly for some, absolutely freezing for the frozen-blooded, and just right for the Brennan when I probably railed at him to put some clothes on.Usual laidback start after an extremely thorough count-through of every number. More abuse (sorry was that support from Big Al & Isobel) on the road as we started out on our venture – nothing could go wrong,or could it – our gentle readers may wonder? Has to be said that all the hill-walkers on Goat Fell were the pinnacle of politeness and consideration in stepping off the path to allow runners access(why ,we said later, would you walk up when a hill-race is on?). Ah, well hold on there Mister, that is not entirely accurate,is it? Well, was’nt going to mention the ………….let’s just say incident.As we were running up” Oh, yer not even half –way there mate, put some effort into it”. Not even looking up at the Neanderthal , not engaging, let out a large grunt that the guy behind seemed to enjoy and we agreed that we were most,most, forgiving in the circumstances.You could say,or indeed sing, “You’re goin’ to reap, just what you……..”

Was told had a great ascent,I’ll say had a Horlicks of a descent, but after loosing more than a few places picked up quite a few on the last part of the forest and through the estate.

Great band of Westies over, was it twenty odd?

Thanks to Al & Isobel for the shouts and to Mr.Paul Emsley for organising the race for many years.He announced that he is now standing down from this role.

Also, huge thanks to Steven for having a motley crew to stay. Great week-end.

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