A Round on Rannoch Moor

What a stunner………………..and the weather was excellent too.

It was up to the White Corries car park to give a gentle stroll down to the start, NE of the Kings House. Our chosen route today was Beinn a’ Chrulaiste, round to Meall Bhalach, and on to Meall nan Ruadhag. Clearly a mere stroll for the supremely fit and unrecognisable Dr.Struthers, (retired – now with several occupations). Never JUST a day in the hills with Ian, it’s a veritable  EDUCASSHUN(sic. )Whereas i  merely assault Ian’s ears with bad jokes – well to be fair he does actually laugh at some of them. For example when the mist did clear from the tops…….We looked down to the head of Blackwater Reservoir and Ian related that there is a cemetery there for the six workers (navies) who perished on the hills after a night out at the Kings House. One day we shall go down to have a look round.

The hills resplendent in their autumnal colours – and what colours they were. Just stunning, radiant. Of course then we were deep in a philosophical discussion. No it was’nt along the lines of a Pythonesque football match……”And Plato, onto Kant, passes to Heidegger and …….Oh, Martin,Martin, Heidegger  how could you fall over the ball……it’s all too much for him.” Well back to ruminations  for now…….

“The most thought-provoking thing  in our thought-provoking  time is that we are still not thinking”. Martin Heidegger

Tell you what  Martin – we’ll get back to you……..that could be tricky.

For clearly we had promises to keep and miles and…….you know the rest    as we passed the Kings House again without entering.  Now that’s  just  negligent, plain and simple. You just can’t have that going on, can you?


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