Jack Crawford 10K., 7.3.15

“Well that’ll learn ya”. Let’s come back to that,shall we.

A fine sunny,clear and blue sky – what a day it was going to be?

Then we woke up and it was thrashing it down,with the wind being,shall we say, challenging on exposed parts.But we love it,don’t we? Well we say we do.No, it would too bland otherwise.   

Yes, it was Ian & I trying to warm up being lashed with wind and rain. Ian (Struthers) happened to phone the night before about a walk, only to be promptly coerced into racing. He claims not to have received my messages about the Jack Crawford, but you will not hear any complaints from Ian about a little incidence of “weather”……..as we gave each other the thumbs up at the start.

Ah, yes now here hangs a tale. Booking online…….. reading the relevant  information………yes,yes, got that……even read the email with important information given by the organiser……..etc.etc. Yes, yes, got that….”.we know where we are going  “. Or do we? The route – well that’s just along the whatisname , over the whojustabit, followed by the even more cryptic thingeymejig  and on and on……..Yes, that’s right, they changed the route(last year apparently). Did’nt even read the route instructions – as clearly that was  surplus to requirements??????   As one of our members would chide………………

“Well, HELL mend you     Thank you.

But on such a course does it really matter much?

Only two westies then, David (Dickson) racing in different colours, for Garscube.As we started there had been already been a loud chorus of ………BOLLARDS,BOLLARDS,BOLLARDS,  yes, said the starter, look out for the bollards on the pavement up ahead. (Twas well shouted out by a marshal as we approached).Managed not even to hold on to David’s pace for one stride, few twists and turns in the estate, then on to the canal at the Cadder Bridge, out just beyond the Stables, then back to the Leisuredome. Practically all on tarmac,so that was a big disappointment, instead of slipping and sliding along the water-logged nearside- would have been far more interesting.But there you haveit.A tough old race in those conditions,battling against that strong wind on the way back.

Enjoyed our day out and as we slouched over a coffee…….even better……..huge thank you to David – as he placed, not a brown envelope,but a white one(is that even better) into my hand. Excellent takings for the day(i.e.V60).

1.       M. Deason   Shettleston Harriers         32.49

1st F  (21)   L. Devine  Garscube Harriers    39.05


V40  C. Greenhalgh  Giffnock North AAC      35.17

FV40  L.Corr   Springburn Harriers                  45.02

V50  M. Mcquaid  Falkirk Victoria Harriers    35.58

FV50  R.Lawson  Fusion Triathlon Club           45.45

V60    H.Semple  Westies                                   43.34

FV60  M. Quinn  N/A                                        1.06.42


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