It’s Tinto,but not as we know it Jim

  Yet more Struthers & Semple Show – this pair get everywhere: North, South, West,even East, and even Lake District please note.

  On Tinto path for at least 20 paces and Ian(if you don’t know Ian…’re on a major path and “I was thinking of this other route here”…….that is 90 degrees off.) And so,gentle reader it transpired that we set off way the hell off, due east a long, long way to eventually connect with a major path up, 50 metres to the top, then off west, way,i say way, way off(help ‘ma boab there’s the door bell already… to go).

  So, instead of yer up and down in…….40 minutes, we took 4hrs. Excellent day really, raw, very raw day, making a great change from all the mild and wet. Yes, it was dry for a change.

  Only one problem, Struthers is up to warb 7 on the road, and Semple canny keep up. Clearly not drinking enough.

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