Parkrun  # 326

Members may well be checking for the REAL  report of the week-end …….only to get, What the…….

Had neglected the parkrun of late, so time for a quick little tester. Saw Ellie on our warm-up and Chris on the second lap taking care of the kids. Hope you had a good run Ellie and steered clear of the reported crash not to say utter bedlam of flying bodies on the first bend.  Apparently, a runner was remonstrating with the organiser for  “a poorly organised” event and with the marshals, who then rounded on the said runner and said………”Go away you small boy”, (yes as indeed one Chick Murray playing the Headmaster in Gregory’s Girl, trying to play some puerile little number on the piano). In all truth it could have been worded in more stentorian terms, but I could’nt possibly comment. Ah! heady days,heady days. There’s always one.

It is reported that 471 runners took part on this, what clearly felt like the first day of summer – a bright, sunny start to the day. Just start at the front and really mean to stay there to keep well clear of altercations.

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