‘Why am I doing this’ were my thoughts as I drove up to Killin this morning on horrendously wet roads. It was torturous driving so I couldn’t really see how it was going to be any fun cycling in it. However, a text in the morning had confirmed that the Westies bunch would be there so there was no backing out. And like so many Scottish days I’m so glad I didn’t back out – if you let the weather forecast rule your life you’d never do anything in Scotland!


Instead, JD, Brian, Duncan, Gregor, Sarah and me headed out on the bikes from Killin in (now light) rain. And after a large hill, thrilling ride down the otherside, coffee and cake, and a further 3 miles it stopped raining! And the remaining 45 miles were dry and downhill!


Ok, it wasn’t only downhill, but with the day brightening up it really felt like it!


Here is the route and some photos.




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