Results | Photos by Allan Gebbie

This was a Championship race so just under 200 runners turned up for this. The Westies travelled in style by hiring their own mini bus and even allowed the opposition on it! (Shettleston and Ochils). Thanks to Sharon for the organisation which went so smoothly on the day.

I did not count but we must have had 20 or so Westies running this race and impressively a few who has either cycled 80 miles the day before or had run the uphill race the day before. Respect!

This was a fast runnable course with a trail the whole way. There was two ascents of Scolty done in a figure of eight. Some obstacles were well place (tree trunks) to give some high jump opportunities or in my case ripping of the shorts. Pat also managed to give herself a nasty leg injury that our westie nurse managed to sort out (Claire). We had a couple of drop outs due to calf injury and illness.

Those who ran did amazingly well. Val got 1st Vet 50 ; I was 3rd Vet 40 (this was not announced because for some reason I was down as Trevor on the race list….). But EVERYONE gave it their all..well done WESTIES.

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