Three westies ran at Victoria Park this morning, Fiona, Stefffen and myself, with John taking on the task of chief funnel master.

All three of us had good runs, all setting PBs on our first attempt on this circuit. Fiona was 91st, in 26:43 and Steffen was 15th, in 19:41 – both with very similar age grade percentages of just over 71% – pretty impressive (Although I have no idea what this figure actually means – but still, very well done).

You could say the race was held in the calm before the storm, which meant it was nice and cool with a wee bit of a breeze. This suited me and I had a decent run, finishing first in 16:34. Didn’t really expect it to go so well, but because the course was virtually flat I didn’t seem to tire much at all and paced it nearly perfectly for once!

Well done to all who ran, and kudos to the marshalls for doing what you did.

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