6th September 2009

Enjoyable jaunt around Glasgow, with another record entry (around 20,000 for all events). Took me around 1 minute to even get to the start line! The inevitable slow first mile followed until I could get moving after the Kingston, so I was able to make progress through the field until the wheels came off after 11 miles. It was one of those days when I seemed to be working really hard but not generating even the pace I knew I could from my training runs and recent races, perhaps because I’ve been struggling to shake off stomach problems and arrived at the start full of pills.

Given the circumstances, my watch time of 1:26:56 was very pleasing. 30 seconds behind my PB, miles behind the folk I was racing with 2 weeks ago, but still an OK time even when I wasn’t on top form. Happy.

Thanks for the shouts of support at various points around the course. Got some recognition for being a Westie after the finish, with a couple of Springburn runners expressing interest in hill running. Good stuff. Didn’t see any other Westies on the day though – probably ahead of me on today’s form!

Splits – 7.17 (the crowded first mile), 6.20, 6.20, 6.27, 6.36, 6.30, 6.36, 6.32, 6.38, 6.42, 6.30, 6.53 (wheels came off), 6.52, 0.41. Even without the poor finish and the start chaos, I just wasn’t in good form. Delighted to finish!

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