I arrived at Pollok Park with only about 10 minutes to get ready, put the buggy together, pump the tyres to 50 psi, and get Benjamin settled.

Steven Prentice was also there with his Baby Jogger and Henry.  Steven offered some advice about staying well to the right to keep out of the way of the runners on the fast downhill start.

Steven & I ran pretty much jogged round the whole way together. We went through the first km in 3:31, but then slowed a bit on the hills.  On the second lap, Steven walked for a short section on the steepest uphill which allowed me to get just ahead to finish in 18:54 to his 18:56.

It was good to see Gaynor running as well, and luckily the weather was fine, before torrential rain set in for the rest of the day.

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