Five Westies made the trip to sunny Houston yesterday. Niall, Don, Johnston and myself running in that order with Grim Orr as our team support.

It may only be 2.7 mile legs but the circuit is undulating with a few long uphill stretches, with one hill, a kilometre from the finish which was a killer. As you reach the crest of this hill a steep downhill opens up in front of you, Westie mannah from heaven, allowing you to build up a good head of steam before turning in to the finishing straight. Niall ran first leg in just under 15 mins then Don, Johnston and myself on the glory leg. I ran a 16:24 but not sure of the other guys times. The results are to be posted on the Kilbarchan web site on Monday.

Prior to the race Johnston and Niall had threatened to shave their heads in team solidarity with Don and myself but not to be outdone I decided to do a Niall Afro hoping it would help me run faster ( see photos ).

In true renfrewshire style the no spitting signs were posted again with the threat of disqualification if any runner gobbed in the street. Apparently having a slash or a s**t is ok but slavering is not on. Grim was Grim as he said spitting was an integral part of running. (Again see Photos)

This was my second year running this race, both times the weather has been great, the atmosphere brilliant and the event very well organised. Definitely be back next year.

Special thanks to Grim for the much appreciated support on the run in.


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