Four teams of Westies enjoyed a day out in the Comrie Hills on Sunday. The Comrie Relay is run over four legs, three trail legs and one hill leg run in pairs, along the spine of Glen Lednock. This makes for easy access between the changeover points, and plenty of cheering on and opportunities for banter.

After the usual last minute team changes were in place, James, Dave, Matt and Leyre started us all off. Stuff happened in the middle, and eventually Gwyn, Sarah, Rob and Sharon crossed the finishing line. The after-match function included some delicious burgers and home baking, and plenty more banter.

The Men’s A team finished overall third, the Women came in second, and our Mixed Vet team picked up first place. Gwyn also scored his second especially labelled bottle of Famous Grouse, this time for posting the fastest time on leg 4. I’m pleased to announce that, as part of the Westies new incentivisation scheme, the members of the Mixed Vets and Gwyn will each receive one million pounds (£1,000,000) for their achievements. Congratulations to all!

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