Fantasy Parkrun, 21 November 2009

Having rekindled my zeal for the Parkrun last Saturday, I was eagerly looking forward to today’s event. Ellie and Drew had also raced last week and there had been an added bonus in meeting that great ex-Westie, Andy Brown, helping out at the finish. Although currently injured, Andy has posted some mighty impressive Parkrun times for a man of his senior years.

Anyway, back to today. My pre-race preparation of a night out with work colleagues set me up splendidly so that I had sufficiently few hours of sleep. Fortunately my brain was functioning sufficiently at 8am to calculate that I was well over the limit to drive. Undeterred, I quickly phoned Ellie, who ran up to the house and drove us both in the Caldermobile out to Pollok.

You can only imagine my distress therefore to discover that the event had been cancelled due to flooding. My new, distillery-sponsored, training plan of zero miles and high alco-loading would be all in vain! Still, not to be outdone, Ellie and I organised our own 5-mile Parkrun around the great estate. It was a fierce competition between the two of us, with the lead changing hands several times until the very end, when Ellie dipped at the line to snatch victory by a polyester vest’s width!

Naturally. I was keen to check out the effectiveness of my new training regime, so I’ve translated our times into what they would have been had the ‘real’ Parkrun taken place. As you can see, the new plan seems to be devastatingly effective. HBT must be quaking in their home-made running shoes at the drubbing they’re going to get at next weekend’s Grudge Match! Details of sleep times and alcohol consumption, along with a £5 money-off Oddbins voucher, can be given to all of you interested! Please form an orderly queue.

1 E Homewood (Highland Park Westerlands CCC) 16:46.68
2 D Calder (Highland Park Westerlands CCC) 16:46.69

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