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National Masters Cross-Champs 2018

McCaffrey Triumphs as Young Turks Falter Dean Park in Kilmarnock is the cross-country course of legend. Mud and glaur, endless undulations and a stormer of a hill make it a trail not for the faint hearted. Holding the race on a gloomy Saturday afternoon just added to the sense of foreboding. Perfect was the collective

Christmas Handicap 2017

Dirty Tricks Rob JQ of Carbeth Triumph A small-to-medium (though veering towards the smaller end on this occasion) group of Westies elite athletes ventured forth to Carbeth on 30th December for the usual nonsense. The nonet of members (8 runners plus Drew as official handicapper/timekeepr) faced snow, mud, rain, hailstones and flintstones as they battled

Christmas Handicap 2016, Carbeth

The Resurrection of Mr Turnbull Apparently, the terrible news spread around East Kilbride like wildfire back in 2015; Drew Turnbull had popped his clogs and Don was, naturally, shocked and upset. He was even more shocked today to be greeted by the same Drew, looking hale and hearty and no worse that when he had

A Stonking Day in Post-industrial Ayrshire

West District Championships, Mosshill, Ayrshire – 4th December, 2016 The venue looked none-too-promising – several laps of fields around an old industrial estate to the south of Ayr – however it turned out to be a stonking race with undulating hills, sticky glaur and nice views in a cold but pleasant afternoon. In the women’s 4-mile

Masters Cross Country Champs 2016

Westies….Sponsored by Clark’s! The Masters XC Champs were held again at Forres over a lovely and testing trail through park and woods. However, the real story was the intrepid adventures of the 4 Westie stalwarts who battled their way through snow, wind, rain and flood to be at the start line on time. Gibby had

Christmas Handicap 2015

Handicap on the Hoof So, where were all the Westies today? A miserly dozen turned out to cavort around Carbeth on a delightfully sunny Sunday. As for those missing, where were they? Had they all succumbed to rampant consumerism and headed off to the post-Christmas sales? One committee member couldn’t come as she reportedly ‘had

Heb 3 Series

CalMac Strikes Again This is a late submission on the Heb3 series, which as some of you may know, involves running 3 out of 5 half marathons held between May and July in Stornoway, Benbecula, Skye, Barra and Harris. Having long heard tales of yore from the likes of Archie Cameron, who ran some of

Christmas Handicap 2012

Photos As usual, a motley bunch of Westies surfaced around Carbeth for the annual Christmas Handicap. Some of us traditional (i.e. unimaginative or just plain lazy) folks just appeared in traditional (i.e. classic) running costume. The remainder turned up in various guises, including dirty old MacGrim, Caribinero Gibbie (replete with genuine Spanish polis bunnet), skimpily-dressed

Christmas Handicap 2009

Business As Usual For Johnston as Pat Keeps Taking The Pills! The scenery was magnificent, with crisp snow that was good for running, but the highlight of this year’s Christmas Handicap was undoubtedly the high standard of fancy dress. It was impossible to pick the best costume, but Pat’s psychedelic psyventies outfit contrasted perfectly with