They say that if it rains at the Bute agricultural show the week before the Highland games then the weather will be fine for the games. It chucked it down last week at the show and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for the games yesterday.

As I was down at Rothesay with my family I entered the games 10k.

There was a big influx of Greenock Glenpark and Motherwell AC all looking up for it. This was when the nerves kicked in. I hadn’t ran a road 10 k in a long time and it has been 12 years since I ran a sub 40 but what the hell, lets give it a go. It’s a flat course from the public park, down to the front then out to Port Bannatyne and back.

I got the 1st k down in 3:45 and kept a steady pace up to the 5k turn. up to this point I had lost and gained one place. I then passed the guy who had passed me earlier and at 8k was feeling good and my time was bang on 32 mins. The sub 40 was a possibility.

9k 36 mins – come on Johnny boy you can do it!!!

The last k was a slow incline back to the games field and the brakes came on and nothing I could do about it.

 I entered the field and managed a sprint for the last 200 m and stopped my watch at 40.05

Couldnae believe it, 5 seconds.




I haven’t seen the official results so there is still some hope.

Greenock Glenpark took top 3 and I am sure I was somewhere in the top 10.

I’ve never been so glad to get in to the beer tent in my life.

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