[A slightly belated report on] The final race in the Tour of Clydeside; my first though. Three other Westies took part (I had the pleasure of meeting Robert, Arnis and Scott at the start line) and an ill Chris was on hand for photo duty. The others had already been racing that week – felt like I was cheating. Roadworks on the south-side meant that the route had been changed at the last-minute, the hurried explanation leaving me somewhat confused – best to just follow.

The start was a fast one. Two Bellahouston types shot off in to the lead from the get go, then Alastair Scott, followed by Scott and I. Scott soon got bored of me and ran off to join Alastair, leaving me on my own for much of the rest of the race. The new route, my lonesome position and the fact that my watch gave out around 2.5 km meant that for the most part I had no idea where I was and how I was doing; just keep on going. As it turns out the new course was quite hilly (as far as these things go) and windy, quite tough really.

Around 7km I caught up with Alastair and we had an exciting tussle, leap-frogging, urging each other on and, for me at least, rapidly alternating between desperation and jubilation, for about five minutes before I was able to break away and buckle down for the last stretch and final sharp right hand turn in to the rugby club. The finish line wasn’t marked and a couple of minutes later Robert arrived, running a cool 10.1km before we yelled at him to stop.

I would’ve liked to have gone faster, but given the circumstances I was pretty happy with my time. Well done to the other Westies running and thanks to Chris for his superb snaps. 

1) Stevie Prentice (Bellahouston Harriers) 34:32

3) Scott Mitchell 34:59

4) James Callender 35:13

24) Arnis Saltums 40:40

25) Robert Kravcovs 41:05

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