That’s More Like It – Glasgow Uni 5M Road Race

Foul weather greeted all those attending the 2015 5M Road Race. I didn’t enjoy myself at last year’s race (no form, no fitness) but this year I’d had a good run of consistent mileage, along with a week’s rest prior to Saturday, and had hopes for a better showing this time around.  To be honest, I regretted the week’s break, my legs feeling heavy on my warm-up. With 3 minutes to go before the start it was still pelting it down and it was with great reluctance that I took off my outer layers and jogged to the start where what they call a ‘strong field’ had assembled.

I took it steady for the 1st lap, not sure how to pace this distance and wanting to avoid burn out. Approaching the hill for the 2nd time I was settled behind a trio of East Kilbridies. I shifted out to the side to give clear sight of the hill ahead and then, in one of the more sublime moments of the day, I started to glide past them without exerting any extra effort – psychology I think. I felt strong for the 2nd lap and made up a fair few places. By the time I hit Maryhill Road, I wasn’t in any danger of being caught and there was no chance of reaching the people in front so I concentrated on looking good for the cameras at the finish line – a fool’s errand as the later results proved. 


Well done to the hardy band of Westies (and some guy from North Derbyshire who looked like David Riach) who brave the foul weather. And well done to Grim on his Diamond Jubilee running of the race – a quality achievement!

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