Another Wednesday evening, another Bog and Burn race. This is a great wee race, a proper hill race, with some hands and feet clambering up and some good chances to fall on the way down. The only downside are the clouds of midges – at least this meant that for once I was well warmed up as there was no opportunity to stand still at the start or you were eaten alive. There were only two other Westies that I could see at the start, Don Reid and Brenda Paul, but I may well have missed some in the midge cloud!

The legs were still sore after the LAMM on the weekend, so I started well back, which meant I was stuck near the back going up the trod. I soon passed a few and could see Don a couple of runners ahead but Don was having a great run and there was no way I could keep up with him. About halfway up and the weekends exertion took their toll and I couldn’t keep up the pace which meant a few runners slipped past. The final climb is hands and feet stuff and then the descent.

The downhill is where the fun starts, it is steep and slippery with some sharp bends. There were a couple of runners in normal trainers and I am not sure how they navigated this section – definitely mud-claw terrain! One runner from Central AC came storming past me on the first descent after the summit, only to fall and let me past again, but he passed me a bit later, again at breakneck speed. I had a lovely tumble, but made it down on slightly wobbly legs with no more mishaps and managed to pass a few other runners. The midges had called in reinforcements at the finish and this meant no waiting around to see the other runners come in, sorry Brenda!

A well organised run and a great route and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I was not that fast on the night. Well done to Don on a great run and to Brenda.

See you all next Wednesday!

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