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LAMM 2014

Absolutely stunning scenery and amazing weather about sums up the 2014 LAMM in Strathcarron.  The LAMM is always a superb event, which is guaranteed great organisation, good route choices, a very friendly atmosphere and swarms of midges.  It didn’t disappoint on any of those aspects, besides maybe a welcome absence of midges on the Saturday

Highlander Mountain Marathon 2013

Highlander Mountain Marathon 27 and 28 April 2013   A great crowd of Westies made the trip up North for the Highlander Mountain Marathon.  I paired up with Jo Armstrong (honorary Westie and ex-Lomond Mountain Rescue) to give it a bash this year.  Originally having entered the B class a bout of the dreaded “man

Ben Sheann Hill Race 2012

Another Wednesday evening, another Bog and Burn race. This is a great wee race, a proper hill race, with some hands and feet clambering up and some good chances to fall on the way down. The only downside are the clouds of midges – at least this meant that for once I was well warmed

LAMM 2012

Team Peplinski and Penderis on the B course. Well where to start with the LAMM. This was the fourth year that I have paired up with George Peplinksi (and yes, he keeps resisting the pressure to join Westies!). The LAMM is a different race, in that your main concern is finishing or not embarrassing yourself

Gargunnock Hill Race 2012

Or a tale of two lessons. Long weekend, time with the family; well how do I get a day pass to run a hill race… Answer: suggest we go down the road to the Gargunnock show, oh and there just happens to be a hill race. Forgetting the hill race for a moment, Gargunnock show

Kilpatricks Hill Race 2012

Results Man or machine? Well we all know the answer to that one – there is no doubt that Christine’s car was defeated at the Kilpatricks hill race, but with the cloud of midges I almost didn’t make it around either. Thank you to Christine Menhennet for another superbly organised Kilpatricks race. The little midges

Ben Lomond Junior Fun Run 2012

As the saying goes, never work with children or animals… Well, I work with animals and at home made the mistake of letting the children outnumber us. Trying to get three kiddies dressed in running clothes, spare clothes for when they inevitably fall in a bog or Loch Lomond and out the door meant that

Ben Lomond 2012

Results Well what a fantastic day out and well organised race! The first thing to say is thanks to all those Westies marshalling at the parking, start and on the hill and making it possible for us to run. I tried to say hello to as many as possible, but you may have noticed I