A great Westie turnout again with perfect racing conditions. This was my first time running this race and first climb of the Law. Big bugger eh ?

Had a decent climb passing and moving steadily away from Gordy Bulloch. On the approach to Ben Cleuch I could see that my usual adversaries were all ahead of me so settled in to a steady pace across to Andrew Gannell and the descent to the finish. Had a look back and no sign of big Gordy so could forget about him. Passing through the wee technical zig zags close to the finish I was aware of someone clattering down behind me when avalanche Bulloch came thundering past   All I could do was quickly get out of his way and watch as he disappeared down to the finish. 

Really enjoyed my first attempt at this and my pint with Paula and Don after. 

Well done to Owen, first Westie in 8th I think. 

Bring on Cairn Table


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