Well it’s the first time I’ve been on time for or even found the Kilpatricks Hillrace so things were looking good at the start. The May training plan of rock climbing and running once at Dumyat ensured I was at the peak of physical fitness for this gruelling race. (Shame it was for the wrong sport ! – oh well)

And we were off, along the tarmac and up into the hills. Helen caught me near the top of the first hill – “never mind with these new shoes I’ll get her on the decent.” (Someone has been eating their porridge) Some overenthusiastic sweeping from Grim had me question whether or not I was in fact last. “No ther’s sum wummin behind” came the reply.

Over the hill and onto the flat and I managed to catch a good few places. With Helen & Deborah still in sight going up the slacks all was not lost – Just unleash the inner descending demon and all will be fine.

Trig point, wobbly chair, boot down – slap, face plant in the heather!

Descending composure regained, just in time for a stitch and cramp to kick in and the towel was well and truly thrown in. (in the huff!) A hobble to the finish gained some much needed bog & burn points. 8th place, 2nd Westie ……. lookin good 😉

Big thanks to all the Westies who did the honourable thing and helped out running the race.

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