4th May 2011

Provisional unverified results

Another glorious sunny evening, another Bog and Burn blast, and another great turnout of Westies of all vintages and speeds. At the sharp end, Niall and Dave The Snake battled well with the other top runners, and someone dressed as a clown (no, not Tommy – that might happen next week on his home turf) who seemed to be in the top ten soon after the turn.

The race was won by Murray Strain and Angela Mudge. Further back, places were traded regularly, encouragement was handed out, and battle was commenced at all levels. John and Oscar "Dogzilla" Denovan lent support on the final drop through the trees, when the heels were burning and the Fear Of Brennan kept me going to a decent PB (and I’ll have my Summer League bonus, thanks!). Despite Jacques’ fretting that we’d be well over the 50-min mark, the competition from colleagues pushed us well under it. Good to see so many yellow vests on the hill again, although Paula has been reported to Muffy for NOT WEARING WESTIES COLOURS!!! Perhaps her fine run can be offered as some sort of apology.

Good to see elder statesman Archie in action for the second consecutive week, and youngsters Victoria and Deborah tackling their first hill race in many moons. All in all, too much fun for a midweek evening!

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