Well for the punters that turned up, this was always going to be a dead cert, heads on favourite, no wager necessary – when Gorman is all scrubbed, fed, & watered, he’s a happy horse indeed!

In the bowels of Lecture theatre BG11, the mighty WCCC & friends enjoyed and remembered the highs, lows, and general travails of Manuel’s big run three years ago – 120 minutes of beautiful Scottish scenery, occasionally spoiled by a wee skinny milk-bottle of a Kirki lad in the foreground.

Brenda, effervescent as ever, was there, ready to pick up MG’s dummy in case it flew out, and big thanks has to go to behind-the-scenes heroine Mary, who was at home looking after the future Westies superstar runner wee Maisy – giving her Daddy some potty break time to vent some…

And the next big challenge is?

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