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When Christine and Helen turned sixty

When Christine and Helen turned sixty   When Christine and Helen turned sixty Their friends exclaimed  – how can this be? They both look so young The both have their teeth and functioning knees!   And what will we do To celebrate the days? I know, said Sharon Lets stand in a field at the

Coll half marathon 2014

A small (but perfectly formed) Westies contingent made it over to Coll for the half marathon and 10k. For Dave this was a long awaited opportunity to test out the effect of his new bum exercises (somehow, they fix the calf problem), and to join a friend who was running the race to celebrate her

Round Arran relay 2014

Well, you liver lilied landlubbers, where were you on Saturday when we sailed the high seas over to the Round Arran relays? Recovering from the Westies night out? Or running the park run (naming no names). Fearless Captain John, who had prepared fulsomely at aforementioned night out, led his intrepid team of two Calders by

Monte Perdido westies reunion

There we were, in a hut in the snow and rain, 3000 metres up a Spanish mountain, on a romantic Westies week for two. And who strolled in, fresh as a daisy?  None other than our illustrious Westies secretary David Riach, fresh from the summit.  As they say, you are never alone.  Westeeez!!

Hail the Scottish Vets Harriers Road Relays

Results | Photos   It takes more than an epic pre-race hail storm and bitter west (east?) wind to deter our hardy vets who turned out in force (force ten gale) to run around Strathclyde Loch on Sunday.  Like all good winds:  the wind was into your face on the way out,  and still  into

Killin capers

Librans are loving people and enjoy balance and harmony: two of Westies most harmonious women Helen and I (no you cann’t beg to differ!) spent part of their birthday weekend at the Killin Hill Races along with a small bunch of Westies men whose mental well being I cannot comment on. However, ten minutes before

Narnain Boulder Dash

In time honoured Westies style, after less than 10 days gentle jogging after being off with injury for months, I did this brilliant club race. There was nothing brilliant about my run except a) I did it, b) it was a beautiful night, c) I had excellent company, d) I had a great handicap, and

Captain Chris on the GR11

We met Captain Chris at Espot (Spanish Pyrenees) last Friday, in the middle of his GR11 “sprint”. He is covering phenomenal distances every day. We were supposed to meet him on the trail, but we were sitting having a leisurely breakfast when he popped up in the village (of course he had started walking at

Comrie relay 2010

A great day out at the Comrie hill relay race, where two Westies teams (old men and women of a certain age) sported the yellow vest. The weather was fine, the competition was tough, the nettles were in bloom, and the mud was brown. The men’s team can be summed up by one word –