Well, you liver lilied landlubbers, where were you on Saturday when we sailed the high seas over to the Round Arran relays? Recovering from the Westies night out? Or running the park run (naming no names).

Fearless Captain John, who had prepared fulsomely at aforementioned night out, led his intrepid team of two Calders by rail and by sea. The dedication, enthusiasm and sheer athleticism of the team was clearly apparent to all, so much so that on the ferry Dave and John were snaffled up by Irvine AC and I was nabbed by Kilmarnock AC. This did unfortunately mean we couldn’t choose the easier/less hilly legs, with Dave (“I will never run leg 2 south again”) and myself being assigned to, yes, leg 2 south, and John winning the jackpot with leg 2 north and its infamous finish up and over the Bogullie.  But we gave our all to our new clubs, and despite the torrential rain, we had a whale (ha) of a time. Dave-I-have-been-injured-and-not-fit Calder stormed down the finishing straight at whiting bay overtaking ex-westie Scott (of the westie hat and sweatband fame) and finishing a minute faster than last year! Muffy-who-couldn’t-possibly-run-9-miles had the best (ie happiest) run of her life and John-not-really-hungover finished his leg, which was a feat in itself. We arrived back at the pavilion elated and with chattering teeth, grateful for ample hot showers. 

Macaroni cheese on the calmac ferry completed a brilliant day.  Thanks to captain john for not giving up on his team. 

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