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It takes more than an epic pre-race hail storm and bitter west (east?) wind to deter our hardy vets who turned out in force (force ten gale) to run around Strathclyde Loch on Sunday.  Like all good winds:  the wind was into your face on the way out,  and still  into your face on the way back ( what’s the science behind that then?). But hey, free exfoliation for the mature visage.


The highlight of the day for me was seeing the weans: Benjamin, Ollie and Chloe, and of course Cat, Ellie and Jenny who are still weans themselves.  The cups of tea and chocolate biscuits came a close a second. 


61 women ran, with Westies teams in positions 9 and 16 (out of 20). Ellie had a stormer, overtaking several runners in the final stretch, and was 8th fastest women. Wow.


Women’s times:

8  Ellie 23:43

27  Cat 26:31

42  Muffy 29:13

46  Jenny 29:41

51  Quinn sister (in law?) 30:43

58  Sharon 32:56

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