A small (but perfectly formed) Westies contingent made it over to Coll for the half marathon and 10k. For Dave this was a long awaited opportunity to test out the effect of his new bum exercises (somehow, they fix the calf problem), and to join a friend who was running the race to celebrate her 50th birthday. For me, it was an excuse to tag along and run the 10k.  Well, the key phrase for the event was “weather”. We docked in atrocious weather, with the captain announcing that we might not wish to disembark as force 8/9 gales were forecast and the ferry might not run the next day, or even after that. Paw, exclaimed Dave, a little rain and wind will not put me off. So off we went to run a windy and “undulating” course. The half marathon circumnavigated the island, the 10k started half way around (doh), in the middle of some sand dunes.  Entertainment along the route  was provided by locals, the highlight being an 80 year old woman playing the accordion at a style about 2 miles from the end (brilliant). We had good runs: Dave was 8th and 3rd vet and 2nd vet, I was 2nd and 1st vet/Svet. 


Then the fun started, and the weather picked up. There was drinking, eating and ceilidh dancing, as the gales raged outside. And then, we were all stranded as the ferry couldn’t make it over, and there was another ceilidh, more drinking and eating (the band was stranded). The poor campers were flooded out, but floors were found for them. Our poor hosts had to put up with us for three days and we ruined their romantic birthday dinner.  Some folk with cars may still be stranded! Do we get extra points??

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